Speakers 2020

MacDevOpsYVR 2020


Panel Talk – YOLO Ops: Love Going Fast. Hate Breaking Things


Kiley Davidson – Elastic

Talk – Good, Fast, and Cheap: Using the Elastic Stack for Fleet Observability (or: How I Found A Unicorn In A Week)

You can’t always control external factors (vendors, budgets, company politics) but you can come out looking like a hero by using free, open source tools (like the Elastic Stack) to collect analytics and behavior data from your fleet, letting you spot fires before they become conflagrations, or just answer the question “Why is my Mac so slow?”

Kiley would be a crazy cat lady, if random interests and hobbies were cats. As it is she only has two cats, a dog, and a wife. During the week she’s an IT Systems Engineer at Elastic, responsible for managing the entire client computing fleet plus a whole kerfuffle of apps and tools. On weekends she installs disaster communications infrastructure around San Francisco for sfwem.net, and stays up too late reading.

Lisa Davies – Redox

Talk – Remote First at Redox.


Talk – Remote First at Redox


Talk – Practical CI/CD Workflows for Mac Admins


Talk – Client Based Overlay Network


Gordon Niemann – Electronic Arts (EA)


Talk – CPEndgame

“Configuration management is dead!” they say. MacDevOpsYVR 2019 had a tremendous impact on my IT career and my perception of where our field is heading. I apply what I learned from MacDevOpsYVR to my place of work and during this session, we will walk through what it’s like to automate a configuration tool out of existence. Pour one out for SCCM.

Bruce Robinson is a Systems Engineer at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center where we conduct research of the highest standards to improve prevention and treatment of cancer and related diseases. Bruce is trying his darndest to transition his engineering team into using Infrastructure-as-Code methodologies. Outside of work, Bruce plays hockey and idles in #cascadia on the Mac Admins slack.


Talk – How To Keep Shipping Python To Clients In 2020+