Call for Speakers

Speak at MacDevOps 2019

The annual MacDevOpsYVR conference attracts Mac Admins from industry leading companies large and small for two days of learning and networking. Speaking at MacDevOpsYVR enables you to share you knowledge, success stories, or cool projects with the Mac Admin community. MacDevOpsYVR provides a great environment to begin or further develop your speaking expereince.

Have a look at who spoke at MacDevOpsYVR 2017

For the past three years MacDevOpsYVR has welcomed high-value Mac Admins from Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Uber, Airbnb, Square, Amazon, SAP, Bloomberg, Disney Animation, and others. We’re proud to say that in 2017, attendees gave MacDevOpsYVR an amazing +75 Net Promotor Score (NPS).

30 Minute Talks

We’re looking for speakers that:

  • Have a great story to tell and a passion for sharing your knowledge with others
  • Help solve common challenges
  • Provide clear successful use cases, best practices, teachings and how-to’s
  • Can go deep on how your company is using a tool or technique

10 Minute Talks

We’re looking for speakers that:

  • Can highlight a tip or trick like “use this shortcut to save 10 minutes a week”
  • Tell a great customer success story
  • focus and/or highlight a speacific feature and how you are using it
  • A great demo

Qualities of a Great Talk

  • Know the Mac Admin audience
  • Review your completed application before submitting
  • Do not pitch products, companies, services
  • Do contain clear takeaways for the audience
  • Speaker bio is clear why the person is an authority on the subject matter
  • Talk description is clear what the audience will learn or takeaway
  • Provide case studies or reseach to assist the audience in their own business application

Important Dates

January 31, 2019 – Call for speakers deadline
February 28, 2019 – Applicants notified of speaking status
June 12-14, 2019 – MacDevOpsYVR 2018 conference

Spearker Application Form

Thank you for your interest in speaking at MacDevOpsYVR 2019.
We review all applications.