MacDevOpsYVR 2018 Speakers



Diana Birsan – Shopify

The Death of the “End User” – Understanding people and driving security behaviour change with a different approach

Diana is an Internal Security Developer at Shopify. She focuses heavily on device and identity trust and building security awareness at Shopify, while maintaining an open culture.



Meg Ciliberti – Shopify

Growing Your Team

Meg worked at Apple for over 10 years as a trainer, technician and in QA for internal apps. She is currently the IT Lead for Shopify, the leading cloud-based, multi-channel platform working to make commerce better for everyone.



Jessica Deen – Microsoft

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment to Kubernetes using Helm

Jessica is a Cloud DevOps Advocate and member of the League of Extraordinary Cloud DevOps Advocates for Microsoft focusing on Azure, Infrastructure, Container Orchestration and OSS. Prior to joining Microsoft, she spent over a decade as an IT Consultant / Systems Administrator for various corporate and enterprise environments, catering to end users and IT professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Katie English – Jamf 

Your Services, Their Infrastructure. A review of available open source tools and other integrations to monitor your Jamf Pro services, even when they’re hosted in Jamf Cloud.

Katie was a Mac admin in higher education for 14 years prior to joining Jamf as a Professional Services Engineer. Katie is now the Director of Professional Services at Jamf.



Ryan Moon – Slack

Multi-Platform Endpoint Configuration Using Chef, with Testing!

Ryan is a Client Platform Engineer at Slack. With love for configuration management, automation, and pop culture references ranging from obscure to non-obscure.



Amit Serper – Cybereason

“Our product is legitimate adware” – Reverse engineering OSX adware 

Amit leads the security research at Cybereason’s Boston HQ. He specializes in low-level, vulnerability and kernel research, malware analysis and reverse engineering.



Victor Vrantchan – Kolide

MicroMDM updates: What’s new since 2017

Victor is a DevOps engineer at Kolide. He loves creating macadmin tools with Go, and experimenting with the MDM protocol.



Zach Wasserman – Kolide

Exploring, Understanding and Monitoring macOS activity with osquery

Zach is cofounder and Principal Engineer at Kolide, where he builds products to help operators drive more value from osquery. He has been contributing to osquery since its inception in 2014, and believes that open-source is the future.





MacDevOpsYVR 2017 Speakers


Derick Okihara – Mid-Pacific Institute

Free as in beer? Weighing solutions on a budget. (p.s. no free beer in this session)

Derick is the Apple technician for Mid-Pacific Institute, a private PK-12 institution, focusing on server administration, system deployment, and Apple technology.


Ed Marczak – Google

How to fail. Mistakes happen. Disaster strikes. Sooner or later, you or your team and organization will fail

Ed is the well known editor at MacTech magazine, co-organizer of the MacTech conference, and Worldwide Mac Operations Dude at Google.


Graham Gilbert – Airbnb

Something something commercial, something something open source

Graham is the author of Sal, a reporting tool for Munki, and Crypt, a FileVault 2-key escrow solution and Imagr. In his day job, Graham is a Systems Engineer at Airbnb.


Greg Batye – Facebook

Building an army of client admins

Greg is Client Platform Engineer at Facebook, responsible for developing automation tools for macOS & Linux clients. He likes testing in prod, grilled corn, and sour beers, and ping pong.


Greg Neagle – Disney Animation

Munki 3.0 – Ch – Ch – Changes

Greg works for a well known animation company. Started this thing called Munki and is a co-maintainer of Autopkg.


Henry Stamerjohann – Apfelwerk

What’s new with Zentral: Improving on the best way to collect, gather and process system events

Henry is a Systems Engineer, and Consultant, at Apfelwerk in Germany using commercial and open source tools for a broad range of customers.


Jesse Peterson – MacTechs

Demystifying MDM: open source endeavours to manage Macs

Jesse is an IT Consultant at MacTechs in Seattle. He’s been working with technology for 20+ years. Consulting, start-ups, and hobbies with a healthy portion of open source.


Joel Rennich – Trusource Labs

Privilege Safety Dance: Leverage NoMAD to provide admin privileges to non-admins without any directory services. While still keeping safe with off-box authentication and logging

Joel is the General Manager for Trusource Labs Enterprise Services in Austin, Texas. Previously he was an Enterprise Systems Engineering Manager at Apple.


Joe Chilcote – Splunk

Better than bad it’s good: Decoding macOS unified logging

Joe is a senior systems engineer at Splunk, and spends his free time trying to figure out how Console.app is supposed to work.


Mac Justice – Synapse

Intro to GitLab: DevOps tools on a shell script budget

Mac does all kinds of IT things at Synapse in Seattle, supporting a bunch of super talented hardware engineers. He likes spending time with his wife and daughter, reading history, and baking bread. Prefers tea in the AM and beer in the PM.


Melody Ma – Codecreate BC

Codecreate and the Hour of Code

Melody is a tech geek, art lover, impact junkie. Web Dev & Product Mrktr by day. @imaginexbc, #SaveChinatownYVR, @CodecreateBC by night.


Michael Lynn – Dropbox

Mac-narök: The end times of our workflows are upon us. Be prepared

Michael  is a Client Platform Engineer at Dropbox in Seattle. He is obsessed with python and macOS.


Nate Walck – Facebook

Managing macOS has never been easier. Explore new chef cookbooks with Master Chef Nate

Nate has been involved in the MacAdmin community and in various open source projects since 2010, including Munki, Puppet and Chef. Nate is part of the IT Core Automation Team at Facebook.


Nick Cobb – Uber

Building macOS as a service for mobile development

Nick is a systems engineer on Uber’s mobile team. He is excited about automating repetitive tasks and getting insightful data from macOS infrastructure.


Pepijn Bruienne – Duo Security

Securing the Dev environment

Pepijn is all about Macs, Enterprise and good times at Duo Security.


Rich Trouton – SAP

Storing our digital lives: Mac filesystems from MFS to APFS

Rich has supported Macs for 18 years in university, government, medical research and advertising. He currently works for SAP, on the Mac CoE team.


Sam Keeley – Airbnb

Osquery + Streamalert

Sam is a security engineer at Airbnb, enough said.


Sarah Lewis – Independent Security Researcher

A brief overview of the state of security on the DarkWeb & OnionScan Project

Sarah has worked for the British Government and as a security engineer at Amazon analyzing threat models and designing defenses to protect against security risks. She maintains the OnionScan project and runs Mascherari Press.


Victor Vrantchan – Kolide

Demystifying MDM: open source endeavours to manage Macs

Victor is a DevOps engineer at Kolide. He loves creating MacAdmin tools with Go, and experimenting with the MDM protocol.


Wade Robson – Urthecast

Zappa and the elastic beanstalk

Wade Robson is a DevOps practitioner at Urthecast.


Wes Whetstone – Square

Repotoddy: Continuous deployment for Apple software updates

Wesley is a Mac operations engineer at Square, where automation and simplicity for fellow employees is a top priority.